Kailash mountain Why has no one climbed Mount Kailash to date?

Kailash mountain

Kailash mountain Why has no one climbed Mount Kailash to date?

Mount Kailash is of great importance in Hinduism, as it is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. But the thing to think about is that so far more than 7000 people have conquered the world’s highest peak Mount Everest, whose height is 8848 meters, but to date, no one has climbed Mount Kailash, while its height is almost from Everest. 2000 m is less i.e. 6638 m. It remains a mystery till now.

According to media reports, a mountaineer had written in his book that he had tried to climb Mount Kailash, but it was impossible to stay on this mountain, because body hair and nails grow rapidly there. Apart from this, Mount Kailash is also very radioactive.

There are many stories behind why no one has ever been able to climb Mount Kailash. Some people believe that Shiva resides on Mount Kailash and that is why no living human can reach there. After death or one who has never committed any sin, only he can conquer Kailash.

It is also believed that a person becomes directionless as soon as he climbs a little higher on Mount Kailash. Since climbing without direction means feasting on death, that is why no human has been able to climb Mount Kailash till date.

In 1999, a team of Russian scientists stayed under Mount Kailash for a month and researched about its size. Scientists said that the triangular shaped peak of this mountain is not natural, but a pyramid which is covered with snow. Mount Kailash is also known as “Shiva Pyramid”.

Whoever set out to climb this mountain was either killed, or returned without climbing.

In 2007, Russian mountaineer Sergei Systikov tried to climb Mount Kailash with his team. Serge, narrating his own experience, said: ‘After climbing some distance, my head and the whole team started getting severe pain. Then our feet answered. My jaw muscles began to stretch, and my tongue froze. The sound stopped coming out of the mouth. While climbing I realized that I was not fit to climb this mountain. I immediately turned around and started descending, then I got relief.

Colonel Wilson had also tried to climb Kailash. He explains: “As soon as I saw a little way to reach the summit, it started snowing. And every time I had to go back to base camp. “The Chinese government again asked some climbers to climb Kailash. But this time the whole world opposed these actions of China so much that defeating the Chinese government had to stop climbing this mountain. Tries to climb, he cannot climb further, he has a change of heart. There is something different in the air here. Your hair and nails grow in 2 days as much as they should in 2 weeks. Body withering Looks like old age starts appearing on the face Climbing Kailash is not a game

Despite being 29,000 feet high, climbing Everest is technically easy. But there is no way to climb Mount Kailash. There is no way to reach Mount Kailash made up of steep rocks and icebergs all around. Even the biggest climbers should kneel in climbing such difficult rocks. Every year lakhs of people come to circumambulate around Mount Kailash. On the way, they also see the Mansarovar lake. But one thing remains a mystery till date. If this mountain is so well known then why no one has been able to climb it till date.


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