Who were you after all? Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan

Who were you after all? Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan

Full Name :- Prithviraj Chauhan
Other Name- Rai Pithora
Mother / Father:- Raja Someshwar Chauhan / Kamaladevi
Wife:- Sanyogita
Birth:- 1149 AD.
Coronation :- 1169 AD.
Death :- 1192 AD.
Capital :- Delhi, Ajmer
Dynasty :- Chauhan (Rajput)

Today’s generation is about their heroic stories..

I know very little..!!
So let’s know.. History and interesting facts related to #Emperor #Prithviraj #Chouhan,,,

“(1) Prithviraj Chauhan, at the age of 12, tore the jaw of a fierce wild lion without any weapon.
Was put

(2) Prithviraj Chauhan at the age of 16
Mahabali defeated Nahar Rai in the battle and conquered Madavkar.

(3) Prithviraj Chauhan had severed the head of a wild elephant from the trunk with one blow of the sword.

(4) The weight of the sword of the great emperor Prithviraj Chauhan was 84 kg, and used to wield it with one hand.

(5) Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan knew the art of talking with animals and birds.

(6) Prithviraj Chauhan sat on the throne of Ajmer in 1166 AD and after three years i.e. in 1169, sitting on the throne of Delhi, ruled the whole of India.

(7) Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan had thirteen wives.
Sanyogita is the most famous among them.

(8) Prithviraj Chauhan had donated his life by defeating Mahmud Ghori 16 times in the war.
And 16 times the oath of the Qur’an was made.

(9) Gauri imprisoned Chauhan in the 17th time and took Chauhan to his country and broke both the eyes of Chauhan.
Even after that, Prithviraj Chauhan did not bow his head in the court.

(10) Mahmud Ghori had made Prithviraj Chauhan a prisoner and caused many kinds of pain and kept him hungry for many months.
Still the emperor did not die.

(11) The biggest feature of Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan was that…
The art of piercing arrows was known from birth.
Which is after the Ayodhya king “King Dasharatha”..
It was only in her.

(12) Prithviraj Chauhan had killed Mahmud Ghori in his court with a word piercing arrow.
Even after killing Gauri, he did not die at the hands of the enemy.
That is, he died at the hands of his friend Chandrabardai, both of them stabbed each other to death because there was no other option.

It hurts to think that the leftists filled history books with glorification of killers like Tip sultan, Babur, Aurangzeb, Akbar and did not allow warriors like Prithviraj to read the new generation but hid the history….


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