Anupamaa: Pakhi and More ran away from home and married, Vanraj Shah was deeply shocked


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anupama upcoming twist 27 october

Anupama Latest Twist: Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey starrer TV show ‘Anupama’ is continuously ruling the TRP list. The makers are working hard to maintain the number 1 title of this show. In such a situation, we have seen so far that Pakhi and More have fallen madly in love with each other. Despite the opposition of both the families, their love continues to grow. In such a situation, today we will see that soon after the Diwali Puja, Pakhi will enter Shah House as more bride and groom. After this, once again high voltage drama is going to be seen in Shah House.

Pakhi did not attend the worship

We saw last day that Pakhi is roaming sad in the whole house even on the day of Diwali. In such a situation, his step mother Kavya (Madalsa Sharma) also explains to him with love but he does not understand anything. In today’s episode we will see that Pakhi’s anger is so much that she does not attend the Diwali puja with the members of Shah House. Everyone thinks that she is in a bad mood so she did not attend the puja.

The secret will open as soon as Anupama arrives

When Anupama and Anuj reach the Shah House to wish Diwali, it is revealed that Pakhi is locked inside the room. Anupama knocks on the door to meet him. But no sound is heard. After this, she worries that Pakhi has not done anything to herself. The whole house gets tensed.

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Pakhi became the bride of more

But in the meantime, Anupama’s eyes fall on the door, where Adhik and Pakhi take entry wearing garlands around their necks. The demand for Pakhi is also seen full. Seeing the two, the whole matter becomes clear, only then Pakhi tells that now he has married more and no one will be able to separate them.

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Anupama Latest Twist

Image Source : HOTSTAR

Anupama Latest Twist

Anupama gave a speech and Vanraj threw the goods

After this Anupama starts telling Pakhi things about her actions. She says that she had asked for one day’s time but that too did not give. On the other hand, Vanraj is shocked by this act of his daughter. When Pakhi comes to apologize to Vanraj, he gets angry and throws his belongings outside.

Anupama Latest Twist

Image Source : HOTSTAR

Anupama Latest Twist

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Will more and more people come on the road?

As the story has taken a turn, it seems that more and Pakhi are going to face a very big economic crisis in the coming days. Because the family members of both will probably not keep them together, in such a situation, how will both of them survive and from where the roof will come on their heads, it will be worth knowing.

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