There was an earthquake in Pakistani cricket, Rameez Raja’s chair in danger!

There was an earthquake in Pakistani cricket, Rameez Raja's chair in danger!

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Babar Azam And Ramij Raja

Pakistan Cricket Team PCB Chief Rameez Raja: After two consecutive defeats to the Pakistani team in the T20 World Cup 2022, there has been an earthquake in Pakistan. The Pakistani team has played three matches so far in this tournament and has lost two. In the very first match, the Indian team had defeated Pakistan, but after that, a weak team like Zimbabwe defeated it by making a big upset. After losing two consecutive matches, the team’s hopes of going to the semi-finals also got tarnished. However, the team still has two more matches to play. One match is against strong South Africa and the other match is against Bangladesh. Even after winning these two matches, it is difficult to say whether the team will be able to go to the semi-finals or not, but in the meantime big things have started happening in Pakistan. Till now only the players and management of the team were on target, but now PCB Chief Rameez Raja has also come on target. A former player from Pakistan has demanded that Rameez Raja should be removed from the chair of PCB chief.

Rameez Raja

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Rameez Raja

Sarfaraz Nawaz made this demand from Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif

Former Pakistan Test player Sarfaraz Nawaz has demanded from Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif that Rameez Raja should be removed from the post of PCB chairman. Sarfaraz says that Rameez Raja has proved incapable of running an organization like PCB. He says that every Pakistani is disappointed and disappointed with the way the Pakistani team has lost to Zimbabwe. He also alleges that Rameez Raja has neglected the development of NCA and it has harmed the upcoming young players. He said that Rameez Raja has not been successful in starting club cricket as well, as well as he has not shown interest in the election of cricket associations. Sarfaraz also said that Rameez Raja himself should resign from his post.


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Pakistan team is yet to play matches against South Africa and Bangladesh
Even before this, the former Pakistan cricketer has been criticizing the team in the past as well. Not only this, former cricketer Sikander Bakht had also put the PCB Chief in the dock and reprimanded him fiercely. Meanwhile, the Pakistani team will now have to win both their matches to go to the semi-finals, as well as see how the other teams perform in the coming matches. But it is believed that there is not going to be such a big upset, which will give the Pakistani team a chance to go ahead. But anything can happen in cricket at any time and in the last few matches we have got to see it. Cricket is a game of apprehensions and possibilities and anything can happen at any time, hence the name cricket bychance. It has to be seen how the Pakistani team performs in the coming matches and whether we get to see some changes in the PCB as well.

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