What kind of Pakistan is this, even the defeated players are respected

What kind of Pakistan is this, even the defeated players are respected

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Pakistan Cricket Team

The Pakistani cricket team had left for Australia with great hopes and dreams. Under the captaincy of Babar Azam, the Pakistan cricket team expected to win the T20 World Cup once again after the year 2009, but what happened to the team happened there. The Pakistani team reached the finals, but there the Britishers uprooted them and the dream of winning the World Cup one more time remained unfulfilled. At one time it was also that the Pakistani team was eager to go to the semi-finals, but some vicissitudes happened that the team managed to reach the semi-finals and finals, but still could not win the trophy. Now this defeated Pakistani team will be honored in Pakistan. Test team players will also be included in this, who were not actually in the World Cup team. Such work can be done only in Pakistan, probably nowhere else in the rest of the world.

Babar Azam And Rizwan

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Babar Azam And Rizwan

Honor ceremony will be done by PCB

Actually PCB i.e. Pakistan Cricket Board will honor the Pakistani team which lost in Asia Cup and then T20 World Cup in Islamabad. This event will be held on Thursday i.e. 24 November. This is the same date when, just a month before, on 23 October, Team India defeated Pakistan in a league match. Members of the Pakistan Test team have also been invited to the felicitation ceremony. Also diplomats, political figures, former captains and players will be involved. The PCB source says that the event is being organized as it is to honor and appreciate the players for their performances in the two big tournaments. It is said that on reaching the finals of both the big tournaments, the players can also get some prizes. Means money can also be given. The Pakistani team has lost in the finals of two consecutive big tournaments. A few months back, when the Asia Cup was played in the UAE, Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan in the finals and after that in the World Cup 2022, England also defeated Pakistan in the finals. Earlier, when the 2021 World Cup took place, the team was eliminated from the semi-finals itself. The PCB chief is said to have met team captain Babar Azam and head coach Saqlain Mushtaq and discussed with them the performance of the players and future plans in both these big tournaments. PCB chairman Rameez Raja lauded the team for making it to two major finals but said that the players still need to improve.

Team India had beaten Pakistan in the very first match
The beginning of the Pakistani team’s journey in the T20 World Cup 2022 was very bad. The Indian team had defeated Pakistan in the very first match. After this, in the second match, the Pakistani team, which was considered weak, was also defeated by Zimbabwe. After losing two consecutive matches, the road to the semi-finals had become very difficult for the team. No one expected that something like this would happen, so that the Pakistani team would be able to go to the next round. Firstly, Pakistan had to win all their remaining three matches and secondly, there had to be some big upset. The Pakistani team reached the semi-finals with the victory of the Netherlands. South Africa, the other strong contender for the semi-finals from India’s group, was defeated by the Netherlands and the Pakistani team reached the semi-finals. But what can happen to the team which has reached the semi-finals after the victory and defeat of the other team. The team’s pole opened in the final and the team had to face defeat, but even after this, the felicitation ceremony of Pakistani players is going to be held in Pakistan, which is shocking in itself.

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