Political ruckus again in Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot’s reaction came on Gehlot’s traitor statement, know what he said


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    Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot

    Jaipur : In Rajasthan Congress, once again the ongoing cold war between CM Ashok Gehlot and Deputy CM Sachin Pilot has come to the fore. When Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot once again called Sachin Pilot a traitor, Sachin Pilot said that earlier also Ashok Gehlot ji has spoken many things about me. There is no need today to make such false and baseless allegations.

    Sachin has not apologized till date – Gehlot

    In fact, on the question of making Sachin Pilot the CM, Ashok Gehlot said that he cannot be made the CM because he has betrayed the party. Gehlot said- ‘How can he be made the CM who does not even have 10 MLAs. How can one accept the one who revolted, the one who betrayed the party? The whole game belonged to him. 10 crores had come. Many people had taken money from the BJP office. Sachin has not apologized till date.

    Money came from BJP to topple the government – Gehlot

    Ashok Gehlot referred to the political crisis in Rajasthan in the year 2020 and said that at that time money had come from the BJP to topple the government. Gehlot said that Amit Shah and Dharmendra Pradhan were also involved in trying to topple the government. Sachin Pilot should have apologized for this rebellion but he has not apologized till date. In fact, in 2020, Sachin Pilot along with 19 MLAs of the party moved to the resort near Delhi. According to the discussions, it was a direct challenge to the high command of Sachin Pilot that they should make him the CM or else he would leave the Congress. However, Sachin Pilot was later reconciled.

    Need to strengthen the party today-Pilot

    At the same time, the reaction of Sachin Pilot on this statement of Ashok Gehlot has also come to the fore. He said – I heard what Ashok Gehlot ji has said. Earlier also Ashok Gehlot ji has said many things about me. There is no need today to make such false and baseless allegations. Today the need is how to strengthen the party.

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