Work From Home Diet: Take special care about diet in work from home, know how your diet plan should be


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New Delhi: During the lockdown in Corona virus, all the work and studies related to school and office started being done from home. After the lockdown, the practice of work from home has increased a lot and even today many companies are getting their work done from work from home. In such a situation, only one corner of people’s house has become an office for the last 2-3 years. But it is true that even if you make a corner of the house an office, but you do not get an office-like environment at home, which affects your health.

Some people eat too much during work from home due to which they get gas or other stomach related problems. So there some people do not pay attention to the time of eating and drinking. Even while working at work from home, take care of your health and make the right diet plan for it.

Eating like this can be harmful

Some people keep a lot of food items like chips, dry fruits, snacks etc. on their table while working from home and keep eating it. Also, there is no limit and no time for drinking tea and coffee. But eating and drinking in this way can have a bad effect on your health. That’s why make a diet plan and time plan in work from home.

Make time plan with diet plan

During work from home, some people become so busy with work that they do not care about time and food and drink. Sometimes breakfast, sometimes lunch and sometimes dinner are also missed. That’s why it is important that you make a diet plan as well as a time plan for work from home and follow it. In this, plan according to your work, when you have to take a break and when you have to eat and drink. There is usually eight to nine hours of desk work. Therefore, during this time eat well and take light and healthy snacks twice in between. Also take a little break and walk. In this way, you can prepare your time and diet plan and follow it.

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Keep these things in mind regarding food and drink

During work from home, do not keep any food or drink on the table or eat while working. Eating at the working desk not only distracts from work but it is also harmful for health. Because after touching food and drink, you also touch equipment like laptop, tablet or computer with the same hands. That’s why you should avoid doing this and eat only after taking a break from work. This also makes the mind fresh.

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stay away from junk food

Avoid eating junk food chips, salty cold drinks etc. in work from home. You can eat things like fruit salad, sprouts and dry fruits as healthy snacks. To keep the body hydrated, one can drink coconut water or lemonade instead of excessive tea-coffee.

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