Use glycerin in these 4 ways for skin in winter, know its special benefits


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Uses of Glycerine: Glycerin is a type of humectant that moisturises the skin. It can fill your open pores and bring freshness to it. Glycerin has that quality that you can mix many things in it and use it for your skin. Also, you can use it to clean your skin and bring freshness to it. Apart from this, you can use it in many ways for the skin. How do you know?

1. For dry skin

The biggest problem of dry skin people is that their skin starts cracking in winter and glycerin helps in this effectively. Glycerin not only moisturizes the skin, it draws moisture from the dermis, the lower level of the skin, to the epidermis, the upper level. In this way it helps the skin to moisturize itself.

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2. For oily skin

The use of glycerin is also very beneficial for those with oily skin. Glycerin plays a role in the exfoliation process, thereby helping to improve the glow of the skin. Also, if you add Vitamin E to it, it helps in reducing oil production.

3. For sensitive skin

Glycerin softens sensitive skin and controls oil. Apart from this, it helps in maintaining the protective layer of moisture of the skin, so that nothing reaches the mutual skin directly. This does not harm your skin. Along with this, it is also helpful in reducing wrinkles.

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4. For acne prone skin

You can use glycerin in many ways for acne prone skin. You can apply aloe vera by mixing it. You can mix neem by grinding it and use it in many ways for the face. It will act in an antibacterial manner and help reduce acne by cleansing the skin from within. Not only this, you can use glycerin for your chapped lips. So, definitely use glycerine for your skin in winters.

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