This big record of MS Dhoni came under the target of Rishabh Pant, know how many are behind

This big record of MS Dhoni came under the target of Rishabh Pant, know how many are behind

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Rishabh Pant

Most 6s in Test by Wicket Keeper: On the first day of the Test series being played between India and Bangladesh, wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant worked to create many new records. Although Rishabh Pant is known for his unique style of batting, but in today’s match, it was expected that he would stay at the crease and bat, but Rishabh Pant remained Rishabh Pant. If they change their style then what is the point. Although Rishabh Pant could not play a very big innings, but he definitely played an impactful innings with speed. He also created records in this short innings itself. Now a record of former Team India captain MS Dhoni has come on the target of Rishabh Pant. Although he is still far away, but not too far for a batsman like Pant.

Rishabh Pant

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Rishabh Pant

MS Dhoni has hit 78 sixes in Test cricket, Rishabh Pant has 50 sixes.

Actually Rishabh Pant has completed his 50 sixes in Test cricket. He has become the second fastest Indian batsman to hit 50 sixes in Test cricket, the first being Rohit Sharma. But talking about maximum sixes as a wicket-keeper batsman, this record from India is in the name of former captain MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni has hit 78 sixes in his International Test career. MS Dhoni had played a total of 90 Tests to hit so many sixes, but if Rishabh Pant continues to bat in this fashion, he can hit more than 78 sixes even before playing 90 Tests.

Adam Gilchrist has the most Test sixes as a wicketkeeper
By the way, the record of hitting the most sixes in Tests as a wicket-keeper is in the name of Australia’s Adam Gilquist. Gilchrist had hit 100 sixes. After this, MS Dhoni is at number two with 78 sixes. At number three is Broad Haddin, who has 54 sixes in his name. Rishabh Pant can break Haddin’s record in this series. After this, he will directly rise from number four to number three and only two batsmen in the world will be ahead of him. Rishabh Pant scored 46 off 45 balls in the first innings of the first Test against Bangladesh, during which two sixes and six fours came from his bat. Along with this, Rishabh Pant has also completed his 4000 runs in his international career. That is, including Test, One Day and T20 International matches. Right now Rishabh Pant will have three more chances this year and in this series, it has to be seen how Pant performs in that.

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