Eat these 4 things made of raw turmeric in winter, along with increasing immunity, you will get relief from chronic bone pain.


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Raw turmeric is more beneficial than turmeric powder kept in your homes. It works very effectively in terms of health. It has a higher curcumin content than cooked turmeric. It has anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. All these three properties are helpful in reducing many problems of the body (Raw Turmeric Benefits). But most of the people do not know how to use it. Come, let us tell you how you can consume raw turmeric.

Eat these 4 things made from raw turmeric in winter – Raw Turmeric Recipe

1. Raw turmeric curry

Raw turmeric curry is liked by many people. Actually, for this, raw turmeric is roasted in ghee and then it is prepared with the rest of the spices. Eating this increases the immunity of the body, as well as there are no problems related to bones.

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2. Raw turmeric pudding

You must not have eaten raw turmeric pudding. Actually, for this first raw turmeric is ground. It is then cooked in ghee and jaggery and dry fruits are added to it. Eating this increases the immunity of the body and boosts energy.

3. Raw turmeric laddoos

Raw turmeric laddoos are very tasty. To make this laddu, turmeric is first ground and roasted in desi ghee. Then mawa and dry fruits are added to it. Children like this ladoo very much. It helps in strengthening the bones by promoting their growth. So if your children are weak then you can make raw turmeric laddoos for them.

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4. Raw Turmeric Bread

Raw turmeric bread is beneficial for health in many ways. For this, grind raw turmeric and then mix it in flour. Then you can make roti and paratha with this flour. It is also beneficial for people suffering from diabetes, heart and stomach problems. So, buy raw turmeric and consume it by making these things out of it.

(This article is for general information, before adopting any remedy must consult a doctor)

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