Death toll from spurious liquor reaches 72 in Bihar, check full list here


    The number of people who died due to poisonous liquor increased

    Patna: In Bihar, the number of people dying due to spurious liquor is increasing continuously. The process of people dying of suspected spurious liquor in Saran is not taking the name of stopping. The total death toll has reached 72 so far. It may be mentioned that earlier the news had come out that all the spirits seized in the government warehouse would be destroyed and instructions have also been issued for this. As per the instructions, the spirits seized in all the police stations and warehouses of the Excise and Prohibition Department of the state will be destroyed. Sample testing has been asked before destroying the spirit.

    Here is the list of the dead-

    1. Vijender Rai-Narsing Rai-Doila,Isuapur
    2. Harendra Ram – Ganesh Ram – Mashrakh Takht, Mashrakh
    3. Ramji Shah-Gopal Shah-Masharkh
    4. Amit Ranjan – Divedra Sinha – Doila Isuapur
    5. Sanjay Singh Father Vakil Singh – Doila, Isuapur
    6. Kunal Singh-Yadu Singh-Yadu Mod Mashrakh
    7. Ajay Giri- Suraj Giri-Bahrauli, Mashrak
    8. Mukesh Sharma- Bachcha Sharma-Mashrak
    9. Bharat Ram – Mohar Ram – Mashrak Takht, Mashrak Tha
    10. Jaidev Singh- Binda Singh-Ben Chhapra, Mashrak
    11. Manoj Ram- Lalbabu Ram-Durgauli, Mashrak
    12. Mangal Rai, father Gulzar Rai, Mashrak
    13. Nasir Hussain-Shamsuddin-Mashrak
    14. Ramesh Ram-Kanhaiya Ram, Mashrak
    15. Chandrama Ram- Hemraj Ram-Mashrak
    16. Vicky Mahto-Suresh Mahto- Lalapur Madhaura
    17. Govind Rai-Ghinavan Rai-Pachkhanda, Mashrak
    18. Lalan Ram – Kariman Ram – Mashrak West Tola
    19. Premchand Shah-Bunnilal Shah-Rampur Atauli, Isuapur
    20. Dinesh Thakur-Asrfi Thakur-Mahuli, Mashrak
    21. Sitaram-Sepoy Rai-Behrauli, Mashrak
    22. Vishwakarma Patel-Srinath Patel, Bus Stand, Mashrakh
    23. Jaiprakash Singh-Shashibhushan Singh-Gopalwadi Mashrakh
    24. Suren Sah – Father Jatan Sah – Ghoghia, Mashrak
    25. Jatan Shah-Kripal Shah-Ghoghia, Mashrak
    26. Vikram Raj- Late Narayan Prasad-Kharauni, Marhaura
    27. Dashrath Mahto- Kesar Mahto-Doila, Isuapur
    28. Chandrashekhar Shah-Bhikhari Shah-Bahrauli Mashrakh
    29. Jaglal Shah – Bharat Shah – Behrauli Mashrakh
    30. Anil Thakur-Parma Thakur-Bahrauli Mashrakh
    31. Ekrakul Haq – Maqsad Ansari – Behrauli Mashrakh
    32. Shailendra Rai-Deen Dayal Rai-Bahrauli Mashrakh
    33. Umesh Rai-Shiv Poojan Rai-Amnore
    34. Upendra Rai-Akshay Rai-Amnore
    35. Rangeela Mahto aka Surendra Mahto – Yamuna Mahto – Lalapur Madhora
    36. Dudhnath Tiwari-Mahavir Tiwari- Behrauli Mashrakh
    37. Bharat Shah- Gopal Shah-Shastri Tola Mashrakh
    38. Salauddin Miya – Lawyer Miya – Amanour
    39. Surend Singh – Late.Sachchidanand Singh -Manisiriya Hussepur Amnore
    40. Jayanarayan Rai- Late Jagannath Rai-Manisiriya Hussepur Amnore
    41. Hariram Singh-Rajendra Singh-Ghoghia Mashrak
    42. Mohan Prasad Yadav-Ramjatan Prasad-Ghoghia Mashrak
    43. Kanhaiya Singh – Ramlal Singh – Gopalbari Mashrak
    44. Vicky Mahto-Lalbabu Mahto-Chahpura Isuapur
    45. Ramesh Mahato- Yamuna Mahato- Lalapur Madhaura
    46. Mukesh Ram-Chandrika Ram-Manisrisiya Amnore
    47. Virendra Ram-self. Rupan Ram – Dumri Chhapia Taraiya
    48. Nathuni Ram -Sw.Vriksha Ram -Dumri Chhapia Taraiya
    49. Brijesh Kumar Rai – Nagina Rai – Behrauli Mashrak
    50. Chamcham Shah-Mathura Shah-Bahrauli Mashrak
    51. Kamlesh Shah-Mathura Shah-Bahrauli
    52. Prem Tiwari – Sitaram Tiwari – Shastri Tola Mashrak
    53. Suraj Sah, Father-Mathura Sah, Behrauli
    54. Mithilesh Kumar, father-Rajnath Rai, Siswa, Ishuwapur
    55. Manju Devi, Father – Nanhaku Rai Ishuwapur
    56. Manoj Singh, father – Babulal Singh, Ghoghiya, Mashrakh
    57. Mukesh Kumar, Father – Dharmnath Singh, Gopalbari,
    58. Abhay Giri, father – Rajdev Giri, Siswa, Mashrakh
    59. Rakesh Singh, Father- Bharat Singh, Mashrakh
    60. Bali Singh, Father – Suraj Singh, Mashrakh
    61. Harkishore Rai, father – Mukhtar Rai, Chakhan, Ishuwapur
    62. Hariram Singh, Mashrakh
    63. Rupesh Shah, Mashrakh
    64. Binod Sharma, Ishuwapur
    65. Chhote Lal Shah, Mashrakh
    66. Shri Bhagwan Singh, Mashrakh
    67. Tarakeshwar Sharma, Mashrakh
    68. Yogendra Kumar, Mashrakh
    69. Munna Alam, Mashrakh
    70. Sipahi Rai, Ishuwapur
    71. Pintu Rai. Mashrakh
    72. Damodar Rai, Derni

    There has been an uproar in the assembly on the issue of poisonous liquor

    Earlier, there was a lot of uproar in the assembly on the issue of spurious liquor. The main opposition BJP had marched to Raj Bhavan following the uproar in the House. As soon as the assembly proceedings began, the BJP members remained adamant on their demand to first discuss the adjournment motion brought in connection with the Saran liquor tragedy case. The BJP members also raised anti-government slogans in front of the Speaker.

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