Are you using adulterated mustard oil somewhere? Check oil is real or fake in these ways


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Tips To Check Mustard Oil Purity: Mustard oil is used for cooking in every Indian household. It is considered very good for taste as well as health. That’s why the demand for mustard oil is high in the market. But do you know that the mustard oil available in the market can also be adulterated which can cause great harm to our health. Consumption of adulterated oil increases the risk of diseases like BP, heart attack, cancer. Therefore, before buying mustard oil, you should also know whether it is pure or adulterated. In such a situation, today we will tell you some such tips and tricks through this article, by adopting which you can easily identify the purity of mustard oil. Let’s know.

recognize by smell

The real identity of mustard oil is its smell because real mustard oil smells very strong. If you are getting a slight smell from mustard oil, it means that the oil has been adulterated. In such a situation, you can easily identify its purity by its aroma.

Keep it in the fridge and check

You can also identify the real mustard oil by keeping it in the fridge. For this, all you have to do is to put mustard oil in a bowl and keep it in the fridge. Then take it out after some time. If this oil solidifies, then understand that the oil is adulterated because pure mustard oil never solidifies.

Check by rubbing on palms

You can also identify its purity by rubbing it on your palms. For this, take a few drops of oil and rub it on the palms. If the color leaves the oil, it means the oil has been adulterated.

identify by color

Pure mustard oil is very dark in colour. If you see its color being light yellow, then understand that it has been adulterated.

identify with test tube

For this, put a few drops of mustard oil in the test tube. After that put a few drops of nitric acid in it and mix it well and heat it. If it turns red, then understand that the oil is adulterated.

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