FIFA World Cup 2022: Wow! On the victory of Argentina, the government gave a big gift to the people.

 FIFA World Cup 2022: Wow!  On the victory of Argentina, the government gave a big gift to the people.

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FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup Final: In the final of the FIFA World Cup 2022, there was a close fight between France and Argentina. After a 3-3 draw, Argentina beat France 4-2 in a penalty shootout. The great footballer Lionel Messi also had a big hand in this victory. With the World Cup victory, Messi’s biggest dream was also fulfilled. Due to the victory of Argentina, there is an atmosphere of celebration in the whole country and today people have made full preparations to welcome their champion team. Meanwhile, the government of Argentina has also made a big announcement after winning the World Cup.

Government announced holiday

After the victory of Argentina, the government has given a big gift to the people of its country. The Argentine government declared Tuesday a bank holiday so that the whole country could express its deep joy for the national team. In such a situation, the whole country will enjoy the holiday on Tuesday. Argentina’s team will celebrate their World Cup victory in Buenos Aires on Tuesday at the obelisk, which is the traditional centerpiece of sporting festivities. Let us tell you that this was Argentina’s third World Cup victory, before that they had won the trophy in 1978 and 1986.

Argentina won on penalties

In this match, Argentina’s team was dominating from the beginning. In the first half, Argentina took a 2–0 lead. The first goal of this match was scored by Lionel Messi on penalty in the 23rd minute. Even after this, Argentina’s team did not give any chance to France and after this, Angel Di Maria doubled his team’s lead by scoring another goal in the 36th minute.

Trailing 0-2, the French team started attacking in the second half. Especially Kylian Mbappe overturned the lost game by showing his fire. Mbappe first scored a penalty in the 80th minute. After this, after 2 minutes, he scored another stormy goal in the 82nd minute.

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