WTC Points Table: Pakistan’s worst trouble, reverses in the points table


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    Ben Stokes and Jasprit Bumrah

    WTC Points Table 2023 : A two-Test series is being played between India and Bangladesh. At the same time, the England team is on a tour of Pakistan. Meanwhile, England has defeated Pakistan in the third Test as well. Due to this, the Pakistan team has suffered a lot. This is the first time in the history of Test cricket that the Pakistani team has got a clean sweep at home in a three-Test series. Team India has also benefited from this defeat of Pakistan. Although there has been no difference in the points and position of the Indian team, but now the way for the Indian team to go to the final has become even easier. On the other hand, the Pakistani team was out of this race only after losing the second test, now its condition is even worse. Let us know that after this defeat of Pakistan, what is the scene now being created in the points table of the World Test Championship.

    Ben Stokes and Babar Azam

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    Ben Stokes and Babar Azam

    Australia number one in the points table of the ICC World Test Championship

    Talking about the points table of the ICC World Test Championship, the Australian team currently remains on the number one chair. Australia’s winning percentage is 76.92. It seems very difficult to beat this team now. Currently, a three-Test series is being played between Australia and South Africa. Its first match has happened and Australia has won it. After the defeat in the first match, South Africa’s team has moved from number two to three, while the Indian team has become number two. Team India has a winning percentage of 55.77 and is firmly holding the number two position. Meanwhile, now the South African team is at number three with 54.55 percent win. While the Indian team will play one Test from Bangladesh, the South African team will play two matches from Australia. Only after the end of this series, it will be known which team will be number two, because the difference in win percentage between India and South Africa is very less. In such a situation, a win or loss will have a profound impact on the points table.

    Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah

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    Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah

    The game of these teams including Pakistan is over
    This is the talk of the top 3 teams, it should be believed that out of these three teams, any two teams will be seen playing the final of the ICC World Test Championship. If we talk about the number four chair, the Sri Lankan team remains on it. His winning percentage is 53.33. Now the England team has reached number five. England have defeated Pakistan in three consecutive Test matches and after that the position of the team has been affected a lot, the team is continuously moving forward. England’s winning percentage before the third Test was 44.44, which has now increased to 46.97. Although earlier also the team was at number five and is still at number five. The West Indies team is at number six, with a win percentage of 40.91. Pakistan’s condition was further diluted after three consecutive defeats, the team which was ranked number six, has now reached seven. His win percentage has gone up to 38.89, which was 42.42 before this match. That is, there will be more changes in the points table in the coming few days and only after that the picture will be clear that the final match between which two legendary teams will be played in the final of the Test Championship.

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