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“One Globe One People” (news of different testimony) is an English blogging website.

It provides information on various topics. Our site is counted among the top English blogging sites in India. Our team manages the task of collecting and delivering information on a variety of topics, including the work of multiple writers, who write on a variety of topics according to their hobbies.

General knowledge in English

All these writers are graduates and postgraduates, many of whom are masters in technical fields, but because of their writing interests they all write regularly for the public.

Written in One Globe One People, life introduction, festivals, common sense, government projects, poems, stories and finance. On all these issues, our writers strive to provide all the information through research and prepare the content according to the interest and desire of their readers.

Our blog has played an interesting role in making the Internet of Things more accessible in the English language, to which our credit goes to our writers who work day and night. Our clear goal is to inform readers in a variety of ways about new topics in your daily news use.

In today’s mechanical life, there is no time to buy printed newspapers.

Our generation is facing numerous knowledge disturbances and struggles to find relevant information in a short time. The solution to this problem is “One Globe One People” news, an internet news channel that publishes information on people’s knowledge and content.